Calvary United Pentecostal Church

About Us

About Us


We are a group of Spirit-filled, apostolic believers associated with the United Pentecostal Church, International. 

What does it mean to be apostolic?  To put it simply, to be Apostolic is to be like the Apostles.  The term “Apostles” refers the first century church leaders whose lives and ministries were recorded in the New Testament Book of Acts.  In Acts, certain attributes were used to describe the first century church and its leaders. If a characteristic, quality, or attitude defined the early church, we want the same to be present and active in our church.

At Calvary, we make it our goal to use these Book of Acts principles as the foundation for the ministries and programs in our church.  Do we do it perfectly every single time?  Of course not.  We’re human, and will certainly make mistakes.  But we attempt to model our lives, and our church, after the Book of Acts church as much as we possibly can. 


Here at Calvary, when we talk about what we “believe” in, we are referring to the Biblical foundations of truth on which our faith and doctrine are built.  We take the Word of God as it is, at face value.  We do not add to or subtract from the Word, but accept it, as it is written, as truth. 


Visiting a new place for the first time can be unnerving.  What will it be like? What time does it start?  What programs are available for my kids?  We hope you'll find the answers to those questions on this site, and that you'll join us for a memorable visit.

On Sundays, we start with an hour of Bible classes for all ages, toddlers through adults, at 11am.  At noon, we come together in the sanctuary for a time of worship and preaching.  It will likely be the one of the most lively worship services you’ve ever attended.  We don't believe God is deaf, dull, or dead.  You’ll hear great music and experience passionate worship through song, followed by a fresh and powerful presentation of the Word of God. 

We promise you'll meet a smiling face when you walk through our doors.  Check out our Events and Get Connected tabs for more details on exactly what Calvary has to offer you and your family.