Calvary United Pentecostal Church

Calvary Connect

Calvary Connect

Coordinator:  Martha Murray

Whether you’re new to Calvary, new in your relationship with God, or simply seek a greater understanding of what it means to serve God, the Calvary Connect program will help you establish your spiritual foundation. 

The complete Calvary Connect experience is conducted in 3 parts:  1) Calvary Connect, 2) The Experience, and 3) The Pathway.  During the Calvary Connect session, attendees receive a general orientation to Calvary, including information about our church history and the basics on who we are and what we stand for as a church family.  The Experience is a four-week course on salvation.  Here, you’ll receive in-depth teaching on the elements of New Testament salvation and what it means to be born again.  The Pathway is the next step in the journey, and will equip you with the foundational Biblical principles you will need as you establish your pathway to God, to church life, and to involvement in ministry. 

The complete Calvary Connect series is offered at least twice a year.  We encourage everyone who is new to Calvary to attend. 

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