Calvary United Pentecostal Church

Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Coordinators: Jake & Keisha Sanders, James & Judie Abernathy

Connect Groups are the small group ministry of Calvary, established to bridge the gap between church attendance and home life.  We want people to feel a connection to our church and its people outside the church walls.  Jesus said that all men would know that we are His disciples if we have love for one another.  Whether one is mourning, struggling, recovering, or rejoicing, we want each member to know that we genuinely care, and that they have a group of fellow believers to fellowship with and rely on. 

On the last Wednesday night of each month, our Connect Group Leaders facilitate small group meetings (“Connect Groups”) in various members’ homes.  Connect Groups function as an extension of the main church into 7 different communities across the Chicagoland area for the purpose of fellowship, personal accountability and growth, and life application of the Biblical principles that Calvary upholds.  The mission of this ministry is to build communities within communities so that we might reach the world around us. 

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